Catherine A. Egboye Law Office has extensive experience dealing with all taxation issues for both individuals and corporations.

Our Taxation Law practice includes the following:

  • CRA dispute resolution and representation for income tax or HST
  • Commercial Real Estate & Lease Financing
  • Corporate Reorganization
  • General taxation and estate planning, including amalgamations and year-end tax planning
  • General anti-avoidance rule Issues & indirect Tax
  • Income Funds & Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Pension & Investment Funds
  • Tax Amnesty (voluntary disclosures) applications & Tax Shelters
  • Tax advice for business start-up for non-residents moving to Canada or setting up subsidiaries in Canada
  • Taxation of commercial contract transactions

Did you know?

Under sections 238(1) and 239(1) of the Income Tax Act: Failure to file a return, late filing (more than one year late if tax is due), or failure to declare taxable income from any source, is classified as Criminal Tax Evasion. Criminal charges can be brought against you. Civil penalties can also be imposed. The penalties and interest will be assessed on the taxes you owe.

Catherine A. Egboye law office can help you if you are behind on your taxes. Tax law is a very complex area of law that requires tax experts to resolve your disputes with Canada Revenue Agency.For more information or questions, please call our office at  905-827-0809.