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  • Expert legal advice & opinion
  • Client Support
  • Personalized Services
  • Comprehensive Legal Analysis
  • Special offers for referrals
  • Weekend & evening appointments accepted
  • Home and hospital visits for the elderly to do wills and powers of attorney
  • Volume discount for corporate clients with ongoing legal matters

Featured Services

Notarial Services

Our law office provide all Notarial Services and Independent Legal Advice


The fee for each notarization of a document is $40.00, unless you require multiple copies of the same 
document, in which case we charge $10.00 per signature.

Requirements for Notarial Services:

  • All potential clients must first call our office to arrange an appointment
  • Where an individual is required to swear an oath under the Evidence Act, it is essential that the individual personally appear before the lawyer
  • Documents must be bona fide – in the original (not a copy) form
  • Two pieces of personal identification of the individual swearing/affirming the document one of which should bear your photograph

(Please note that acceptable photo identification includes a passport, a driver’s licence, a citizenship card but NOT an Ontario health insurance card.)Services provided are as follows: 
• Affidavit of Execution & Identity (Oath Administered) & Affirmations Administered 
• Certified true copies of birth, marriage, death & other forms 
• Consent to Travel Letters & Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel and for Visitors’ Visa
• Execution/Authentication of all documents including International Documents
• Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures & Wills and other important documents 
• Statutory declaration for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration & Permanent Resident (PR) Card
• Statutory declaration concerning a lost, stolen or damaged Canadian Passport or other lost documents 
• Statutory declarations for change of name

Power of Attorney

In Ontario there are two kinds of powers of attorney: a continuing power of attorney for property and a power of attorney for personal care.

A Continuing Power of Attorney for Property allows a person (the “grantor”) to give to another person (the “attorney”), the power to do anything on the grantor’s behalf with respect to the financial matters of the grantor, whether the grantor is incapacitated or not. The only exception is that the attorney cannot make a new Will. Though the term “attorney” implies a lawyer, a lawyer need not be the attorney. The granting of the Continuing Power of Attorney for Property does not prevent the grantor from continuing to act for himself or herself.

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care, allows a person (“the grantor”) to give to another person (“the attorney”), the power to make personal and medical decisions if the grantor is mentally incapacitated. The Power of Attorney for Personal Care can allow the grantor to direct (like a living Will) that life support systems not be used if there is no reasonable prospect of recovery.

What are the Duties of a Power of Attorney?

An attorney must act diligently and in good faith. An attorney is to explain to the incapable person what the attorney does and to encourage participation by the incapable person, as well as participation by family and friends. An attorney should foster contact with family and friends and to meet with them. 
The attorney should follow the wishes of the incapable person that were expressed while capable. 

We highly recommend a Power of Attorney. If you do not have one, a family member or friend will have to apply to the court to be appointed as “Guardian”. 





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